• Minnesota Marine Art Museum - On display here guests will find an expansive art gallery from American Folk art to international pieces by Monet, Renoir and Van Gogh.This nonprofit art museum and educational center opened in July of 2006 to help showcase and recognize the Winona area for their culture and art. When they initially opened their doors, the museum featured a collection of traditional marine paintings and folk art. Today, the museum holds pieces of art that travel through the history of America and Europe including styles such as, Impressionism, Luminism, Realism, Modernism, and Contemporary.

  • Winona County History Center - The country’s largest county historical society.Here, guests can explore a wide variety of exhibits ranging from historical simulated Main Street America to the Time-Line exhibit which encompasses the entire 2,500-square-foot balcony and covers the history of the area from its bedrock foundation to the first human habitation.The Winona County History Society was dedicated to preserve and interpret the human history of Winona County. The society was founded in 1935 and consists of three museums today. The main museum, The Winona County History Center, will be visited today. The modern yet rustic building holds countless artifacts and exhibits used to demonstrate important Winona knowledge. Learn the story of the Native American tribes that occupied the space before any others as you walk past caves and tipis.

  • Watkins Museum and Store - This Winona landmark is clad inside and out with regal finishes, with a marble rotunda, Tiffany-style glass and a freestanding dome covered with 24-karat gold leaf. Watkin’s company began in 1894 selling products such as J.R. Watkins Liniment, which was their very first and most popular. The company was noted as the very first business in America to offer the famous, “money back guarantee” in 1869 as Watkins made most of his sales door-to-door. Explore the Watkins’ museum and store and get a glimpse of the history from the company’s perspective spanning more than 140 years. Walk around and discover photographs, articles, artifacts, and memorabilia before strolling through their gift shop offering more than 350 unique Watkin’s products that have stood the test of time.

  • Polish Cultural Institute and Museum - This 1890’s, three-story building was originally intended to be a museum storage area but stands today as a museum of Polish immigrant history.This three-story museum was constructed in 1890 and purchased by Reverend Paul J. Breza in 1977, with intentions to begin the Committee for Polish Affairs. After losing their initial parent funding business, the museum renamed itself the Polish Heritage Society and worked diligently to share the stories and history of their Polish culture and community. Explore the collections of rare Polish dolls, antique toys and tools, pictures, and artifacts depicting the history of the Polish culture. Stop in the gift shop and check out the beautiful jewelry, fine china, and books before you continue to your next stop!



Winona Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

Explore Winona, Minnesota, one of the most beautiful places in the country. The city is referred to as the “Island City” by locals because of the large sand bar it was built upon. Evidence suggests that the land’s history reaches back as early as 9500 B.C., while present-day Winona was founded as the small village of Keoxa in 1851.   Nestled between the covered limestone river bluffs of the Mississippi River, this small town is full of culture and small town Americana. Enjoy stunning views of the rolling bluffs as they plummet to the mighty Mississippi below in this beautiful and historic city, filled with incredible museums, galleries, and parks.

Winona, Minnesota


Explore the Mississippi Backwaters

Hotel Metropolitan

Experience the Mississippi River up close.  Join us for a canoe tour of wildlife, nature and spectacular sightseeing as we set off on a canoe trip through the backwaters of the mighty Mississippi River.  Witness some of America’s finest flatwater paddling and enjoy the beauty of the Upper Mississippi River Wildlife Refuge. Guests will be led by experienced guides on a unique adventure through lush forests and islands dotting the waterways.


CAPACITY 50 Guests





8:00 AM or 12:30 PM  


Native birds and wildlife along the river banks, Flood walls along the bluffs


An up-close adventure along the Mississippi, Exclusive guided canoe ride down the river, Upper Mississippi River Wildlife Refuge


Round Trip Voyages