With all of the options and competition in today’s age, it’s human nature to shop for the best prices. We understand you worked hard for your dollar and are appreciative that you spend that dollar on us! We vow to provide you with our best selection, for the best prices, every time!


As a company that prides itself on the satisfaction of our guests, we are constantly striving to surpass your expectations. Without happy guests, we would have nothing to work for! With this in mind, we promise to always provide you with our best! If you there is anything that did not meet your highest expectations–let us make it right!


Included Tours

  • Offered at every port

  • Includes Admission to select attractions

  • Completely at your leisure

  • Unlimited Capacity

  • Freedom to craft your own Experience

Why our guests love it

"Loved that we weren’t just stuck on a bus for a four hour tour .”

Donnie P.

“It was great to explore these little towns!”

Sharon W.


"The hop-on hop-off was very easy. We loved exploring at our own pace."

Karen T.

Premium Tours

  • Optional in-depth experiences

  • Customized to appeal to different interests

  • culturally enhancing itineraries

  • Capacity controlled*

  • Advanced reservations required

"Local guides were so knowledgeable. I learned so much!”

Linda R.

“incredible experience - once in a life time!”

Phillip S.

“My husband and I could both find tours to fit our interests.”

Morgan S.

Why our guests love it

*Be certain to reserve Premium Excursions as soon as possible. They are often filled to capacity BEFORE embarkation. Online Pre-Booked reservations will be available for guests until 11:00 AM EST, the Wednesday prior to embarkation.