• Carnegie Visual Arts Center - Here we can experience the visual arts in a personal, relaxed and meaningful way. The Carnegie presents eight to ten exhibits annually and showcases the work of both local and national artists.Completed in September of 1904, the Carnegie Library of Decatur was one of the 2,509 libraries built by the millionaire philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. Decatur’s Carnegie Library is an example of one of the classic Carnegie buildings. For nearly 70 years, Decatur’s public library was housed in this facility. When the main library outgrew the facility the Carnegie became the children’s library. Now, located in the Carnegie Library, the Carnegie Visual Arts Center shares some of the most unique and impressive art pieces with the public.

  • Old State Bank Building - Built in 1833, this one time home of the Bank of the State of Alabama has survived the turbulent history of Decatur and even withstood the burning of the town during the Civil War. We’ll tour this historic landmark and learn about its important role in the banking industry of Alabama. Completed in 1833, the building originally housed the Tennessee Valley branch of the Bank of the State of Alabama. The bank survived the destruction of Decatur during the Civil War, along with many other events of destruction through the city’s history. The Old State Bank played a significant role in the influence and development of architectural style in Alabama for several decades. By combining elements of the Federal style with the Greek Revival style, the Old State Bank introduced a new look and influenced building style in Alabama until the Civil War.

  • Blue and Gray Museum – Believed to be the largest privately owned collection of Civil War artifacts within the country. The entire collection is owned by one man. This museum holds one of the largest private collections of Civil War era relics. The entire collection is completely owned by one man, who along with his associate, organized, displayed, and opened the collection to the public. See Civil War military equipment, including guns, swords, rifles, bayonets, uniforms, etc. Pre- and post-Civil War items are also on display. Guests will also hear the deep history of Decatur as they learn about the Civil War.

  • St. John's Episcopal Church – Beautiful family friendly church with a deep historical background. After enduring some extremely difficult times, a divided church decided to separate completely and begin their own church. In 1890, previous members of the St. Paul congregation began planning for the location and funding for the church. In 1893, the construction of the new St. John’s Church began, which is still the same building that member worship in to this day. Explore the church and admire the limestone floors, beautiful church steeple, stained glass windows, organ, and bells.



Decatur Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

Nestled in the Tennessee River Valley, the city of Decatur boasts a rich and colorful history. Originally a river crossing for settlers west of the Appalachian Mountains, the town became known as Decatur in 1820. Settlers were drawn to the community at this time by its fertile river valley soil and relatively easy river access to other cities. Enjoy this charming Tennessee River town and all of the amenities it has to offer!

Decatur, Alabama


Antebellum to Air and Space Travel

As we sail into the future, our motorcoach will bring us to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center.  This facility was established in 1970 in a quaint Alabama town, known forever as the place where America’s space program was born. Today, the center is the location where America’s next great ship – the Space Launch System, is being designed. Learn about Huntsville's role in the making of the moon rocket, explore the Space Race, the Apollo Missions and experience an in-depth look at the Space Shuttle Program, the International Space Station and NASA's future missions. 


CAPACITY 50 Guests





12:30 PM – 4:30 PM  


Sights and attractions of Huntsville, Space Dome Theater


U.S. Space & Rocket Center, NASA’s Educator Resource Center, Education Training Center, Original space artifacts   


Non Civil War Themed Voyages